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Thank you for your powerful workshop in Stellenbosch! My class was tranformed... it’s like magic!
Posted By: Marinda Koch
What an amazing workshop once again. The parents enjoyed the tips they received and the interaction with others. Lesson learnt -grow myself as an adult before I can grow my child.
Posted By: Principal St Anne’s Primary School. Head of SAPA
I told one of the fellow participants at the workshop that I have NEVER attended a workshop where the whole room literally lit up within the first minute. It was astonishing how you immediately managed to capture the attention and interest of all the workshop participants!! Your content is fresh, out of the box and thoroughly enjoyable. Your acronyms are still flashing in my brain almost two weeks later and you will soon have to share some of your (oh well, potential…) Woolies royalties at the rate that I am sharing how much JOY you spread during the workshop.
Thanks Renee, I really learnt much from your positive teaching and learning approaches and methods.
Posted By: Jackie, Lima
Hi Renee

Thank you for a fantastic evening filled with fun, playful ideas to encourage parents to PLAY WITH their children while giving them opportunities to develop learning skills.

I received positive feedback from the staff and parents. One of the parents commented that she is sad that we did not have better attendance as she feels that they missed out on a wonderful evening sharing fun, learning ideas.
Posted By: Lorelle Meyer Principal, Monterey Pre-Primary Scho
Dear Renee
Thank you so much for the extra effort you put in, to create such an informative and thought-provoking session yesterday.
Thank you for creating time to visit the Eastern Cape and for your part in improving education in the country.
We all need to do our part…thank you graciously for yours.
Kindest regards
Posted By: Mr W Foaden
Headmaster, Summerwood Primary School
Hi Renee
A huge thank you for the excellent workshop on 16 April at Brylin School. I`ve enjoyed your energetic and positive attitude and shared with my colleagues at my school. We will definitely implement your positive discipline ideas.
Please let us know when you come to PE again for workshops. All of us want to attend.
All of the best with the wonderful work you do for all children and not to forget us teachers.
God bless
Posted By: Marguerite (Cotswold Primary School)
Dear Renee

I wish to thank you and share with you what an impact your workshop made on me. I valued the information you shared so much. Your insight into what we need to remain mindful of as role-players in education was thought-provoking, relevant, captivating and… INTERESTING! It was just what I needed in the final and CRAZY fourth term of the year.

I (on a personal note) was in such admiration of you as a speaker and presenter in particular. I have been privileged to find myself being called to present at a number of seminars, workshops and conferences over the past year or two, and I know how much work it takes to truly make a lasting impact on a room full of (usually tired) teachers. I found it inspiring to be on the ‘other’ end of the motivation, and to realise that sometimes one person truly can send ripples of positive energy through a room full of people. You have such a gift!

I would love to chat more in the future, as I see you as a model of where I dream to be in a few years time.

Keep inspiring, enlightening and educating… South Africa needs more people like you!
Warmest regards,
Posted By: Kelly Ferreira
Founding Director and Principal, Port Elizabeth
Renee has been helping me in a support/coaching role and I would really like to thank her for her endless patience. When I am weak, she is sees my strengths and when I am lost she sees my path. At the end of the day we all need to find our own power but having a guiding hand and a constant flow of ideas is invaluable when your brain feels like it’s filled with spaghetti.

Thanks so much Renee, Sandy
Posted By: Sandy

We had the privilege of hosting and attending a workshop by Renee Lighton at Plettenberg Bay Primary School in February. The workshop was attended by parents and teachers and was a huge success.
Renee is a dynamic speaker, who gets everyone involved, excited, and thinking! Her ideas are endless, and most importantly, fun.
And the great thing is, the activities don't cost anything, as you can use items from around the house - so no excuses.

I believe every parent and teacher left the workshop having learnt something from Renee, and will be learning through play with their children!
Thank you for a great, positive, fun evening. We will definitely be back for more the next time.
Posted By: Principal Mrs Anita Schnell and Grade R Educators
“Thank you for an amazing presentation on Saturday. It was informative, entertaining and potentially life-changing.
I felt like you were talking directly to me as I am battling with discipline and classroom management this year.
I intend implementing your suggestions from tomorrow”

“I absolutely loved your talk at the Naptosa seminar today.”

“Thank you for the inspirational morning. Wow! You have left me feeling so positive and inspired.”
Posted By: Naptosa Foundation Phase Symposium
“I am so fortunate and blessed to have attended your workshop at St Anne’s Primary School last night.
I just wanted to take the opportunity to Thank You.
I left the workshop a different person ? I found the workshop extremely positive, encouraging, an eye opener, life changing ?

I look forward to the positive changes that will be made in our family and the effect it will have on my child”
Posted By: Anne (mother at St Anne's)
I’ve recently met with Renee & am inspired & energised by her ideas using recycled materials as learning equipment.

I highly recommend her courses. It’s particularly good for coaching parents on how to PLAY (talk/learn) with their young children.
Posted By: Carolyn -WORCESTER
Thank you so much for the very energising dose of your empowering medicine - you are very good at what you do, you connect with your audience in such an impactful way.
Posted By: Laura Anne - HOD at Bergvliet Primary School
Second time round!

Just mailing to say thanx for another informative evening last night. My daughter 5 years and son almost 2 are already both engaged in the fun "games", and really got me thinking a bit more and seeing things in a more useful and creative way.
Posted By: Nazreen
Parent & teacher workshops make a difference!

"Thank you so much for last night, our parents were all talking about it this morning; how engaged and informative you were, how much practical advice they received, and some even gave feedback of games they played with their boys this morning!"
Posted By: Jane - Teacher at Rondebosch Boys Prep

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"Thank you for the awesome workshop! We had a recycling month of May to gather all our materials and have implemented what we learned into our centre. At our next parent workshop I will be showing our parents the dvd I bought, Thank you." - Zeidie-Lee Muller

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