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Pinelands Primary

 “Such lovely ideas! I’m going to carry my de-stress book on me at all times.”

“Renee thanks for a fantastic presentation. Even though there a lot of papers to mark and I’m feeling sick you’ve brightened up my day and given me food for thought.” 

“Renee I loved your talk. Very positive and loads of ideas to work towards being a team at our school. Will keep in touch”

“Thank you for making me aware of how my stress can be controlled by me. I am always looking at others to take away my stress.”

“I feel excited for the change and the inspiring chat you had with us. THANK YOU for your time and effort I appreciate it tremendously.”

“I loved the workshop, loved the enthusiasm + getting ideas! It is good to be reminded that you are a person who can grow! Thank you so much!”

“Thank you Renee this was EXACTLY what my staff needed. Expect my whatsapp/Skype. I feed off energies. Yours is awesome. I am missioning to apply all I have learnt”

Kenridge Primary

 “Renee,  This was amazing. I so enjoyed! A breath of fresh air!! Lots of food for thought! You need to come again!!” 

“The time flew! The “me” became important again. Inspiring, practical Real with no stress involved.”

“Course was glorious. I will be able to do it 5/5  Defiantly helpful” - Jenny Fisher

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