Renee Lighton delights in offering coaching, consulting, training workshops and programmes specially tailored to meet her client’s needs.

She offers the following:

LightOn Education


Offers principals, teachers, parents, Naptosa, NGO’s and groups, an energetic, engaging speaker and facilitator, who designs keynotes, workshops and programmes that inspire, entertain and educate.

As a SACE - South African Council for Educators – provider, she delivers practical, fun, staff development workshops on a variety of topics, which include Stress to Success, Educator Wellness, Positive Discipline, Literacy and Numeracy workshops. Attendees receive a certificate and CPTD points towards their personal professional development account.

Renee has become our go-to trainer for our opening training session for the past 3 years and will be doing so once again on 1 February 2017. Her awesome energy and training style is perfect to get staff motivated for the year. Aimee Isaacs Training Coordinator Western Cape Forum for Intellectual Disability. Dec 2017

 "A lovely day of work today. If I ever forget the wonder that is my job, it's a day like this that reminds me that I've got it good. The wonderful thing about Renee's workshops is that they are packed with goodness upon goodness upon goodness. And it's not just a learning experience, it's a remembering experience. She awakens something we all already are. We remember our reading skills and how to share them best with children but also, we leave motivated. The literacy trainer and life coach in her work together at the same time so that we leave with more than we bargained for. Thank you Renee Lighton. Thank you, Melody Volmink. Thank you help2read" Nosipho Ndyalvan

Thank you so much for everything! I loved your style and the way you worked with the parents. They were soaking in every word you said.It was an absolute pleasure to have met you.  Natasha Rossouw Sustainability Institute, Stellenbosch.
the students can't stop talking about your workshop”.
Esther, Edutak Training Centre, Pretoria

Thanks so much for an awesome evening! I was so desperate to make it to the Maths workshop as being someone who was really bad with numbers and maths at school I really want my kids to enjoy numbers more than I did. I walked into my house with all these wonderful (and easy) ideas of things to do and games to play– my husband couldn’t believe how much fun I had and was super impressed!

Your presentations are always superb and I was even inspired to take out my notes and go through them all again. There is a HUGE benefit to parents in attending your workshops, and of course teachers. Thank YOU! Bianca, parent.
I have been to a few of her workshops on literacy, numeracy and hand writing, and thought how wonderfully fresh her approach is - particularly since most of the materials we have lying around at home anyway!  Julie, Home School mom
Thanks so much for the handwriting workshop a few weeks ago. I so enjoyed it and am so excited about trying some new “games” with my class. Tessa, teacher at Herschel


LightOn Coaching

Supports Individuals and groups in focusing on achieving specific goals. Transformation and change happens when we make the choice to shift our thinking, speaking, being and doing.  It is an inside job and we are all capable of transformation when we are willing to Look withIn For Everything and then do what it takes to get what we want.

‘It was so refreshing to hear Renee on Career Development - talking to our young MBA students. One went in with the tired feeling -  "One more boring and long one...!" When she started, the atmosphere began getting charged! She was not lecturing - she was talking to each one in the audience...1 on 1! And refreshingly, she finished in a cool forty-five minutes. Students had an enthusiastic feedback” Ram Maheshwary India 2011
“I have been very lucky to have met Renee a few years ago. She is an amazing coach who has helped me to push myself in all aspects of my life whether it be in my personal or career. Through my coaching sessions with her I have been able to achieve more and see things in a more positive and constructive light. Renee has an amazing way of helping you to put things into perspective and helping to plan and action your goals into achieving everything you want. Her check in messages outside of my coaching sessions are awesome because she is always letting you know that you have got this and supports you through the whole process.” Gia Cawood, Linde Sales consultant, Cape Town

"We consulted with Renee Lighton in 2013 and so began the transformation of our business - and ourselves. After our very first meeting we noticed the positive effects of her valuable insights. Connecting on a personal level, Renee got to the heart of our primary issues and empowered us to take our business to the next level. The transformation has been both exciting and rewarding. Renee continues to support and inspire us with regular follow ups. We are truly grateful for her sincere interest in the well-being of our business."  Jayne and Chris Akker, Bonamanzi Adventures, Worcester Western Cape

“I had worked from home for 3 years and after Renee and I putting an action plan in place I gained great new clients and moved into new offices within 6 months. My relationships and connections with people around me have grown in such a deep way. When life has thrown me curveballs she is always there to assist in handling situations and giving me the best guidance in both personal and business.  I cannot thank Renee enough for the wonderful insight, so beautifully worded and the support and encouragement and belief in me!” Ilhaam Achmat, Fin – Source Consulting, Cape Town
“Renee’s no-nonsense, direct approach has triggered astonishing insights in me, challenging my assumptions, discovering alternatives, clarifying my motives, and prioritizing my goals and actions. And she insists that all victories – no matter how small – are recorded and properly celebrated, which is of course immensely rewarding! I am infused with a keen sense of hope, clarity and focus, and I am ecstatic to see what the next year has to offer.” Craig 25 Feb 2010

LightOn Corporate

Renee delights in designing and delivering programmes for Corporate clients that want to make a BIG difference to their employees’ wellbeing, service delivery and in their communities

 Renee’s Corporate employee and CSI programmes are fun, practical, sustainable, tested and scalable.
They are designed to empower employees and communities. They include a wide variety of services from Customer Care Training to Positive Parenting Programmes for employees.

Without of doubt, the success of the programmes was through Renee’s positivity, energy and Renee’s ability to work across varying social groups, making every individual feel encouraged, worthy and capable.
An amazing success for our organisation – thank you Renee!
Warren Farrer, Group CSI Executive, RCL FOODS.

I have greatly improved my personal and company’s performance as a result of realistically dealing with challenges and successes. I would highly recommend her services as they are professional as well as comfortable.  – Malcolm Royston GM Cool Bananas Cape Town
“I enjoyed the way Mrs Renee teaches us about customer service”
Veronique Mederick, Intelvision, Seychelles.

“Renee assisted us with finding our collective voice as a unified team and we have progressed immensely from her session. I personally would recommend her services.”  Sibulele Siko-Shosha, Dumile Brand Boutique, Johannesburg.

LightOn Educational Products

promo1These products are a valuable resource for parents, teachers, NGO’s and an ideal Corporate gift to support CSR initiatives.

The products include a range of Let’s Get Ready books and the LightOn Education DVD.

Let’s Get Ready the Green Way is filled with ideas of how to use items we have at home in creative, playful, educational ways.

Let’s Get Ready for handwriting is a copy master and can be used in a variety of ways to practice letters, patterns and number formation.

Let’s Get Ready for card games is a copy master and has all the cards you need to play card games with children aged 3 to aged 9 years old. The book includes pages with lower and upper case cards and cards for numbers, dots, number names, the 100 block and many more ideas for copying and playing memory, snap, snap pot, rhyming, visual sequential memory, introducing compound words and other games.

The Let’s Get Ready the Green way book is available in English, Afrikaans and Xhosa.

This book is awesome! Think it should be compulsory reading for ALL parents! Well done!  Belinda Murphy, Springfield Primary School, Grade 1 teacher.

We all think that it is the most fantastic resource for both Parents and Teachers with SO MANY ideas and practical applications...CONGRATULATIONS!!!  I would say it is a must for Parents. So many of our Study Group members were very interested in buying your book,Suzanne – Principal, Happy Days Pre-Primary, Somerset West.
I went through your DVD. Wonderful!  May I use this with my interaction with teachers?
Patsy Marthinussen. Western Cape Curriculum Advisor. WCED.

Aimed at parents and teachers with children between the ages of3 and 8years, the book helps prepare both you and your child for interactive ways of learning. Simple tips on how to use everyday household materials will make you aware of different methods of learning and help you look at playtime with different eyes. Renee’s wide knowledge and abundant generosity shine through in sections also aimed at younger children, making this a great resource from early childhood up to the school starting years. Tracy, moms group.

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SACE = South African Council for Educators

As SACE provider number 11747, the good news for educators = the following workshops are SACE endorsed!SACE Logo

Educators Wellness a priority. 5 CPTD points

Positive Discipline 5 CPTD points

Literacy Ideas for Foundation Phase CPTD points.

Numeracy Ideas for Foundation Phase CPTD points


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Thank you so much for the workshop last week; it was really inspirational, encouraging, and motivating! It's also so wonderful to know someone who has already done so much in the type of education that I'm interested in and to have a role model! 

I'll be starting at Little STAR today at Mannenberg and I'll be sure to email you or WhatsApp you with any questions or queries. Thank you so much for your kindness and for sharing your passion for education!

Yours truly, Brontte Hwang UCT Eductation SHAWCO Student 

Public Speaking

Keynote Speaker

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Workshops for Corporate Crèches


“Our teachers and parents have felt the benefit of  the workshop and would highly recommend”  

Clemence Munanga Crèche Manager at Nedbank, Sandton

Workshops for Teachers and Teachers' Assistants

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Nedbank Sandton Creche Teachers

Wynberg Girls

Wynberg Girls

I have yet to have a staff member or parent attend one of your workshops without a wow! Well done on what you have achieved.

Positive Parenting Programme

Need a “hand up”, not a “hand outCorporate Social Investment programme which serves all?

Contact Renee to discuss your needs.

Feedback from Pam Picken  after our first Positive Parenting Programme for RCL FODS in Wocester

Hi Renee

Thank you so much for a most rewarding 2 days. You certainly confirmed my belief in you as the right choice to start Rainbow’s Positive Parenting Programme! You are a superb facilitator with any group of participants & this is fully borne out by the 100% response from participants! WELL DONE! I really enjoyed our 2 days together & look forward to the process unfolding & providing the value we all want in changing the lives of children and their families.

Mrs Pam Picken

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Leadership in Development

Mind Moves Institute


How wonderful to see you on Saturday…nah…SEE is not the right word…EXPERIENCE you! Gits, you oulik!
Thank you for always pouring your heart and soul into whatever you touch! Seriously …you one hell of a girl!  

Dr Melodie de Jager Mind Moves Institute

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