It’s 25 March 2021 and what has Renee been up to?

I am extremely grateful that through collaborations with a variety of clients:; Naptosa KZN; SAPA – The South African Principals Association; The Western Cape Education Department; The Do More Foundation and others,  we have been able to offer online and face to face workshops for many educators and parents.

Our collaborations offered the ability to pivot, offering what is most needed, in ways that serve many, at prices that serve many, and this has made my a heart sing.

The majority of our workshops have been around WELLNESS, and our ability, to decide, design and do, even more wellness. The feedback has been wonderful and I continue to learn how best to add even more value to these workshops.

From  Dee  to  Everyone : The course was amazing. Thank you

From  Nicholette Spence  to  Everyone : Thank you so much Renee. This was a wonderful workshop.

From  Kaylee  to  Everyone : Thank you very much! You are so inspiring :)

From  Michelle  to  Everyone : Thank you Renee,  I got lots of positives out of today's workshop.

From  Kubash Naicker  to  Everyone : loved this workshop. Interactive and inspiring. Thank you 😊


Personally, I have learnt is to PAUSE even more, and nurture my “I CAN” thinking! It takes practice, and I continue to practice what I choose to focus on, many times a day.

I am grateful that I could train the Help2Read Master Trainers and the  Sisanda FunDaytion facilitators earlier this year. They inspired me with their passion and I loved sharing practical, playful, creative ideas, tips and tools, which they can use in their workshops.

And finally, after a little procrastination and a few excuses,  I completed and loaded The LightOn Way of Play on the Essential Academy platform: 

This online, 10 chapter course, for parents and educators, invites adults to use what they have, to invite creativity, play and learning, as they share with their children.

I will let you know when we launch.

Big on my TO DO LIST is Gratitude.

Gratitude keeps me focused, and if you don’t, I invite you to start and end your day with a thank you. Losing people we know and love, has highlighted just what a gift every day is.

I intend to live and love well, no matter what.

Join me?

Stay safe and please WhatsApp me if you need support.


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