Free Training for Parents and teachers

Hello Wonderful Parents,

In my last email I told you about …my new website and online program.

There’s a background story to the new website. After many years of seeing clients and running workshops, I began to feel a calling to reach thousands more parents and teach them how to help their extraordinary children step into their greatness.

Then, happy clients, began telling me - I wish my sister in Canada could work with you  – her child struggles with ADHD too. Or I have a dear friend in London who has read your book and would love to learn more.
Clearly the time had come for me to ‘go global.’  And hence,
There’s an eBook (takes about 7 minutes to read). This will give you a clear 7-Step road map to free your child of learning, behavior or mood problems – critically important steps you are unlikely to hear from your doctor.
Two 4-minutevideos in which I speak about the 2 tools that are the absolute foundation of being a healing parent. Just these 2 tools can bring about major transformation in your child!

A self-assessment so you can chart where you are on the healing parent road map currently and what you still need to do.

Parents are describing this Free Training as a real ‘eye opener.’  It will certainly get you thinking about an amazing way to finally resolve the problems your child is grappling with.  For those inspiring parents who have consulted with me or attended my workshops, this Free Training will be like a refresher.


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