Unlocking Containers


Thank you for visiting my Facebook page. Below you will find a few ideas of how to invite learning through play as promised on my Facebook post.

Collect, up cycle and have fun.

A variety of containers will provide the child with hours of fun. Through play the child’s physical, emotional, social and cognitive skills are developed. He gets to reason and use logic as he decides, for example, which container to use for pouring from one container to the other.

Collect, clean and use a variety of containers that have tops or lids which have push-down lids / twist lids / triggers / turn and pull lids, etc. The bigger the variety provided for the child, the better.

Containers can also be used for a variety of water and sand play activities. Use your imagination and play up a storm!

  • Make funnels. Cut the container to form a funnel.
  • Punch a few holes into the base of the containers. Use as a watering can, a shower, a sprinkling activity etc.
  • Slit the container and make a money box.
  • Cut the container and use to grow beans, sprouts, etc.
  • Fill the container with coloured water. Seal and roll.
  • Fill the container with coloured water and glitter. The child will love watching the glitter float upwards and then settle again.
  • Make a shaker, a musical instrument. Place e.g a few dried beans, dry pasta, buttons or bottle tops in the container and seal.
  • 2 litre plastic bottles filled with a little water, make fabulous skittles. See how many containers you can knock down with a tennis ball, a soccer ball. Stand close by, stand far away.
  • Use the empty containers as a 'racket'. See how far the child can hit the soccer ball. This is a great exercise for hand-eye coordination.

Now I bet you can think of many more ideas that include literacy and numeracy possibilities. Think about mass, volume, playing shop shop, creating an advertisement, role playing customer and shop manager, etc.

Brain storm ideas with your child and know that you are inviting creativity, learning and doing a great job.

Well done!

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