Ideas using Egg Boxes

Most families eat eggs and don’t give the container a second glance.

Who will tell the child that we call 6 eggs, a half dozen and 12 a dozen?

When we use the boxes together with a variety of objects such as buttons, smarties, popcorn, straws cut into different lengths, etc. we can play many different games. 

Egg boxes make excellent sorting boxes. Place all the objects in the lid and sort the items of your choice according to the colour / the shape / the size / the length / the number, etc.

Sort the items using fingers / ice tongs / tweezers.

Write or draw the numbers, number names or dot patterns into the depression and use smarties, coloured buttons, etc. to match accordingly.

Place, for example, a piece of popcorn / an acorn / a small stone in the egg box. Close and shake. Open and call out the colour / the shape / the number / the number name the stone has landed on.

Place, for example, two buttons in the box. Shake. Open and call out both numbers. Older children can add the two numbers /multiply the numbers. Use three buttons and do the same.

  • Construct something using the egg boxes:
  • Paint the boxes
  • Tear the boxes
  • Cut the boxes
  • Thread the boxes

       Hammer golf tees into the lid.

  • Turn the box into a musical instrument. A shaker, a plucking instrument, etc. use elastic bands, cellotape.
  • Read the writing on the box. Find the number 6 on the box. Ask:
    • How many chickens are on the box?
    • Can you think of a word that rhymes with box? Can you think of a word that rhymes with egg? Leg, beg, meg. Nonsense words are fine.

(Note: We are looking for what sounds the same. They do not have to make sense.)

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