Q&A with Renee Lighton

Speaker at The Women’s Innovation Trade Fair

April 10, 2014 by Lauren 

reneee-263x300Renee Lighton is a Teacher and a Life coach at Light On Education.

Renee didn’t come from an educated family but she was very much influenced by her Jewish friends in school. What has led her to where she is now, is the fact that she likes to touch people.

 Renee is working on a programme for the Perivoli schools trust. She trains teachers in Namibia and she’s writing the programme that is used in Namibian schools, which also focuses on finding ways to create collaboration between teachers and parents in a sustainable manner. For instance, she uses every day waste materials such as educational toys because she believes that education doesn’t need to cost much. What excites Renee is the ability to excite other people’s purpose and passion. Especially when it comes to teachers, they often tend to forget their importance. Dr. John DeMartini has been one of the most inspiring people in her life. He is a Life Coach who has taught her valuable life lessons.  Other people that inspire her are those who decide to live a full life and make meaningful choices: “Make a living by what you do, make a life by what you give.”

What is innovation to you?

Having the ability to think out of the box in a moderate way, understanding and knowing what the greatest need is that people have and linking this in a playful way.

Why are you attending this event?

To connect, create and support women in the innovation and social arena. I have worked with Mhani Gingi before in an event that lead up to the WITF. I was invited by Lilian Masebenza to attend this event as one of the speakers.

How do you measure success?

“By the amount of joy I feel when I look into the mirror.”


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