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I would like to congratulate and share how Pinehurst Primary School learners in Pinelands are making a difference to learners who aren’t as fortunate.

We know readers are leaders and we know that many learners don't have access to books.

How do we share the gift of reading and encourage a love of reading without spending money?

Well, we connect, collaborate, create and celebrate! We look for solutions and we encourage our learners to do the same.

Rory Farrell and Pinehurst Primary school staff have embraced the idea of using a single piece of scrap paper,( preferably a used piece of paper with one clean side) folded and torn or cut in a specific way, to make a little book.

The Foundation Phase learners filled their little books in the most delightful ways and our children from Educares and Crèches in Mfuleni, Philippi and other areas, will now have books of their very own to read and treasure!

Thank you Pinehurst Primary! We are grateful!

If you would like to part of this LightOn Education initiative, please contact me


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