The Power of the Sharing Circle


From: Karen Adams, Montrose Pre-Primary JHB, Grade R

The Power of the Sharing Circle

It’s Tuesday morning and our Grade R’s have been prepped for an exciting production to take place today in the Main School Hall.

A letter has been send home requesting that the children arrive especially early for school. Everyone is expectant, we arrive and are seated on time in the hall and then nothing happens! We sit for 5 minutes, nothing! We sit for 10 minutes, nothing! The children begin to get restless, talkative and unsettled. 20 minutes still nothing! We decide to return to class and then the questions start... Why didn’t they come? What happened to the Show? And on and on! As I walked back to the classroom with these little people in my care, my heart went out to them for the lack of understanding of the situation (which was a miscommunication on the teachers’ part) That’s when I decided to use my Circle Time to its full advantage. We sat and I started, “How did you feel today when the people for the show never came?” And then I waited as each child had their turn to share their feelings of disappointment, anger, frustration and boredom. It was the most remarkable change in attitude I have seen in a small space for a very long time. As we moved from child to child I saw the release of emotion and an acceptance of what had happened. I did not for the rest of the day receive one complaint or question regarding the show. And that is “The power of the Sharing Circle.”


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