The Frank’s Heaven Kylemore Crèche and the Mirja Sachs Infant Care Centre

What a joy it is to be sharing and igniting a love of learning at this centre!

The period of early childhood sees the greatest brain growth and development (up to 90%) and provides the foundation for the achievement of individual potential. With this in mind we are investing in training and supporting the Kylemore educators in the Frank’s Heaven Kylemore Crèche and the Mirja Sachs Infant Care Centre in their important task of providing age appropriate learning through play activities for the different age groups.

We use common household waste materials like egg boxes, cereal boxes, polystyrene trays, advertisement, bottle tops, lids, etc. to ignite a love of learning. The smiles, laughter and participation of the educators and children are a testament to the learning and the success of this Learning though Play approach. The bonus of this hand up approach is that it promotes recycling and caring for the environment while developing a number of skills including fine and gross motor coordination skills, perceptual skills as well as focussing on building the child’s self confidence and self esteem. Our workshops also include positive discipline techniques, lesson planning and many other good practices. My thanks to the Kylemore team who are keen and excited to learn and provide opportunities for children to reach their potential at little or no cost to the school and their families. And a special thanks to the Mirja Sachs Foundation for recognizing the need and providing the sponsorship!

Bless you for caring!
Renee Lighton

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