LightOn Miss Earth South Africa Entrants of 2017

If it's to be, it starts with me!

It was with great delight that I had an opportunity to share with the new group of Miss Earth Warriors in Cape Town. A group of passionate young women wanting to be the change the wish to see. They are inspiring and I look forward to following their journeys.

Please join these Miss Earth warriors in their #WasteStopsWithME journey.

Follow their journey on @missearth_sa and remember #WasteStopsWithme!


Dearest Renee, where do I begin to say thank you?

You are amazing and brought such light and wisdom to the ladies' workshop last week - THANK YOU Thank you for your informative presentation to our new group of Earth Warriors. I have no doubt that they have learnt a lot and will change the way in which they live and use the world's resources as well as the way in which they see learning.

Green Kisses

Ella Bella

Director of Miss Earth South Africa Programme Former UN Youth Ambassador Director of Generation Earth

Miss Earth Cape

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