Upcoming workshop this Saturday!

Playtime with card and dice games!

An online zoom workshop for teachers and parents - ideas especially for 4-8 year olds and for aftercare teachers.

This workshop includes many fun numeracy, literacy and life skills ideas which will have your child reaching for a pack of cards rather than your cell phone!

Click on link for details and to register
This Saturday 9am to 10.15am



“Wow, just want to say another big "thank you" to Renee for the amazing card games workshop this afternoon! Renee really jam-packed the session full of fun, creative and inspirational ideas to make learning FUN! Loved it! Participants certainly got a lot of value out of that hour spent online with Renee!
We had a super attendance: 77 teachers/ parents completed the register!”

Vicky Davis WCED: Learning Support Advisor

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