Collaboration is the way to add even more value

I love that we got to add value together during the Grade R PLCs  online group meeting on 12 August 2021,.


Topic: Make Learning Fun ( one of my favourite topics!  )

I am especially grateful to Laager Tea4Kidz for gifting 30 Tea4Kidz card games packs and tea samples, to each of the 40 attendees.

Thank you for the feedback Lorelle Meyer: MEED S.A Grade R

The group of Grade R teachers enjoyed the ideas you shared with them in the session on 12 August 2021 on how to use the cards as a teaching resource with the Grade R’s to develop language skills. During my school visits today, the teachers mentioned that they appreciate the donation of animal cards and are looking forward to using them with the learners. It can be used for oral language, building vocabulary and extending general knowledge. These picture cards can be used to develop mathematics too; counting, sequencing, grouping.  We will also remind them about other tips like cutting up the box to make a puzzle.

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