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want to Thank YOU for the role you’ve played to help me get to this point. For opening my mind to really hear and see some of the lessons that have been right under of my nose. For showing me what joy and enthusiasm looks like. For helping me to find the alignment that makes it happen FROM THE INSIDE OUT! I will always be grateful to the forces that pointed me in your direction.
Thanks so much for a motivating morning!
Your workshop was absolutely awesome
THANK YOU for the wonderful tools and challenges you put forth.


What difference has coaching made in your life? What have you learnt?


It has made me look at all areas of my life, not just focus on one thing. My self confidence has improved 10 fold! Cathy
How to set goals and the steps to achieve them. I’ve been motivated to change my ways, to better myself and change my lifestyle as well as my thinking pattern. THANK YOU! 1 st year student.
That I can do anything I put my mind to. Everything is achievable! 1st year student.
I have learnt that I need to make a change. I have to learn to take responsibility for whats going on in my life and to stop blaming others! Student

What can you do now that you couldn’t do before coaching?


Set clearer, detailed goals. I focus on how I can do something, rather than can I do it? I am achieving more on a daily basis! Cathy
I am inspired! Andrea
I feel better about myself and I am going to work towards my goals! Student


What did you enjoy most about the coaching?

Renee’s positive and fun approach, her enthusiam, her knowledge and her drive! Thanks Ren! Diane Maris
Thank you for my session today! I am sooo motivated and inspired and everything is just falling into place! Tanya Harris
Learning something new and unexpected about myself! Michelle
The practical skills and motivation. Smit


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