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Twenty Eighteen

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In a world where often, we feel we are never enough or we never do enough or we are never clever enough, I choose to remind myself and my clients we are enough. Everyday we have the opportunity to choose gratitude for what we have and who we have in our lives. I am grateful that Marie Engelbrecht, from the Western Cape Education Department, understands the value of connecting, collaborating and creating together. Please join us for this workshop and/ or spread the word.

Imbali, Child Welfare & Renee Lighton

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I love that we collaborated and reached many more teachers and children with the funding we received from The Mirja Sachs Foundation.

Wendy Appelbaum lauds the Anna Foundation's Positive Parenting Workshops

on 19.09. Posted in Latest News

The success of a parent programme depends on our ability to connect with the parents, our ability to listen to their needs and then to support them in achieving their hopes and dreams...

What's Important Now!

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What all parents and teachers should know.

Free Training for Parents and teachers

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Gathering information and knowledge isn’t power, actioning that information and knowledge, is power.

Please visit Dr Gluckman’s website as you may find this FREE training program useful.

Literary Ideas for Foundation Phase Educators

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Practical, fun ideas to support the love of literacy.

Lucky Me!

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Goodbye South Africa. Hello Eden Island, Seychelles!

Please connect with me on WhatsApp or email. I return on 20th July.

Take care and warm wishes.

We are never too young or too old for coaching!

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What a joy it was to share with an amazing group of seniors on Thursday 22 June.

A big thank to the Cape Jewish Seniors Association for the invitation. Your ladies inspired me and I look forward to being as “young” as they are now in my seventies, eighties and beyond!

SACE = South African Council for Educators

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As SACE provider number 11747, 😊 the good news for educators = the following workshops are SACE endorsed!

Imbali Western Cape

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There is overwhelming research evidence, both from developed as well as developing countries, on the critical importance of the early years of a child’s life.

LightOn Miss Earth South Africa Entrants of 2017

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If it's to be, it starts with me!

It was with great delight that I had an opportunity to share with the new group of Miss Earth Warriors in Cape Town. A group of passionate young women wanting to be the change the wish to see. They are inspiring and I look forward to following their journeys.


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I returned to Seychelles in March to participate in staff training for Intelvision. This company offers TV, Internet and Voice in Seychelles and I was extremely fortunate to play a part in the training and coaching of their diverse team of skilled employees.

Let's Get Ready!

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I love that the Let's Get Ready book is enjoyed by teachers, parents and their children.

Paula Draper from Knysna shared this photograph of daughter engaged in one of the activities in the book.

Colour Collaboration

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Colour Collaboration provides Art Training for the 4 Child Welfare Educare Centres teachers and social workers in Stellenbosch

A huge thank you everyone for making this art workshop a reality on Saturday 16th July.

Literacy ideas for Foundation Phase teachers workshop

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Teachers in action the day after our Literacy ideas for Foundation Phase teachers workshop in CT! 5PD SACE points