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"Thank you oh, so much for yesterday’s workshop – it was fantastic. Your enthusiasm and expertise are inspirational, to say the least, and I went away with a fresh look at things. Although I love your ideas, it was probably even more your approach to raising children that inspired me. Thank you so much for sharing those little nuggets of insight with us about changing emotional states, and being grateful for the phases our children are going through – I so needed to hear that yesterday!

All of the best with your upcoming workshops – and thank you for your time and dedication to teaching us how to bring out the best in our children."
Grietjie Thorne

I highly recommend this course to you all – nothing fancy or difficult to implement – just makes it all seem so easy and obvious. Do your kids the favour and attend. Catherine Reddam
I would like to thank you for the opportunity of attending the math’s workshop last night. It was so informative and I will defiantly be using all the examples that were taught last night. I must say the facilitator was fantastic, she really kept us going and I’m sure all parents felt that way. When the workshop was over we didn’t even want to go……that’s how she kept us glued to her. She was so interesting, I hope she will be back next year because I’ve got my son that will be doing grade R next year and I would defiantly be back for another workshop. Please compliment the facilitator on a job well done. Ashleen
I want to congratulate you on having this maths workshop introduced to us. IT WAS BRILLIANT!!! As a parent, I learnt such a lot and it will definitely assist me in helping not just Winona, but my son (when it’s his time). My brother is studying teaching (maths major) and the methods learnt at the workshop will also be great guide to him.Bravo to the lady who presented the workshop – her method of carrying the message across was excellent and kept us interested ALL THE TIME! Tanya
The talk was GREAT – thanks! My moms loved it! You are a really captivating speaker! Thanks! Melody / Edu care Durbanville
Thank you so much for the fantastic workshop this morning. How I do wish you were my son’s teacher and also how I wish more teachers would attend these workshops. Kerry
Fantastic workshop….. such simple ideas – why have we not thought of them ourselves. Ultra informative, inspirational and extremely useful. Will be sending my au pair as soon as you announce the next one and will be letting all my fellow mum’s know – it’s an absolute MUST! Thank-you!" thanks again! Sue McDermott
Thank you for all the practical hints on using everyday objects like cereal boxes to create a fun filled learning experience for our children.’ Wellington Prep School
The Maths Workshop was great! It gave parents super ideas and fun activities to do with their children using things we all have at home. I saw egg boxes in a whole new light! And the best thing was you can do them without spending money! All it requires is a little thought and some quality time with your child! Jo-Anne Whitford / Foundation Phase Teacher -Muizenberg Junior School
I have been to two of Rene’s workshops before and she is fantastic!! Loriane Thanks so much for Saturday. The course was brilliant! You are such a natural at what you do, and have great ideas. Melanie
Just a quick note to say thank you for all the great ideas and tips you gave us at the Letterland Workshop yesterday! Lizelle
Thanks for GREAT workshop! Elsabet
Thanks you SO much for the wonderful workshop today – it was so useful and I will highly recommend to all my friends and family.Callie Raad
That was indeed a brilliant letterland workshop I attended last night. I normally can’t keep my eyes open when I attend meetings at that time of night, but Renee had captivated my attention from the word go!
On behalf of Bronwyn and I, I want to say thank you for the wonderful workshop in your beautiful home last night. Mandy Wyngaard



"Thank you for the awesome workshop! We had a recycling month of May to gather all our materials and have implemented what we learned into our centre. At our next parent workshop I will be showing our parents the dvd I bought, Thank you." - Zeidie-Lee Muller