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Renee has supported my personal and professional development for about eight years. A key lesson that I have learnt in working with Renee and others that she has introduced me to is understanding what really drives me and why. I had to become clear on my most important values and also how these values shape my personal and professional relationships. In the corporate world, there is a lot of talk about values, vision, mission etc. If people do not understand their own values and are unable to articulate their personal vision and mission in life, making meaningful contributions in their work becomes a challenge. In my view, Renee is eminently placed with the right skills and experience in helping people understanding themselves and what their highest values are. She is able to help an organization in building high performance teams and developing future business leaders.

Yours faithfully DBM de Villiers


Renee Lighton is a professional coach, training facilitator, consultant and she also conducts special tailored programme to meet her clients need. It has been a privilege meeting her and working with her.

She has the spirit, the knowledge, and the experience to change things for the better. Being in her presence is inspiring. She is passionate about what she does and she has helped to improve both my personal and professional life. She is such an inspiring person. She is full of optimism and positive energy. When she walks into a room the entire environment changes.

I do not have enough words to describe how great she is. I highly recommend her.

Curtis Alvis HR Department, Intelvision.

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