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Renee’s South African schedule

Please contact her on [email protected]neelighton.co.za to book your workshop.

  • 14th — 23rd June
  • 14th — 31st July
  • 18th Aug — 18th Sept
  • 13th — 25th Oct
  • 15th — 27th Nov

Hey Renee 

Thank you so much for the mail and for the workshop the assistants are totally inspired they LOVED it every single one!! I hope this is the start of an amazing communication and learning processthank you for your energy and time. I hope to see you again soon! Nadia Saban PHYLLIS JOWELL Day School, Camps Bay

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Renee Lighton is a wife, mom, educational consultant, author, speaker, qualified life coach and Trained Demartini Method Facilitator with a passion for lifelong education! Her qualifications include a BA and Diplomas in Specialised Education; Foundation Phase and Montessori Pre-Primary education.


Why LightOn education?

Renee believes that we are all capable of bringing about the change we wish to see. Her purpose is to shine the LightOn education and serve in a way that brings great JOY to herself and to her clients.  

What does she do?

Renee delights in variety and offers her clients workshops, coaching and programmes to suit their specific needs whether in education or in their personal development and transformation journey.

Who does she serve?

Renee’s clients are many and varied  and include RCL Foods, Rondebosch Boys Prep. The Amy Biehl Foundation, The Anna Foundation, The Michelle McLean Children Trust, Hertex, The Perivoli Schools Trust, Zevernwacht, Linde Material Handling, Old Mutual Green Hands, Mhani Gingi, The Western Cape Street Children Forum, NAPTOSA, SAALED, Help 2 Read, SACS, Wynberg Girls Junior School, Varsity College and SHAWCO Education to mention just a few. There are many more schools, parents, teacher assistants, students, individuals, organisations and groups who have benefited from her approach to education,  personal development and transformation

She has shared her creative, playful, innovative LightOn way of learning in SA, Namibia, Swaziland, Cambodia, Thailand and India.


Renee Lighton has become quite a household name in Cape Town with her ‘Letterland’ workshops. Her easy-to-use tools and fun characters make the introduction to words and numbers absolute child’s play, and her methods come highly recommended from parents, au pairs and teachers alike.

With her newly published book ‘Let’s get ready’, Renee provides a practical tool kit and a treasure chest of ideas on how to playfully explore with your child the world of words, numbers and conceptual thinking.

Aimed at parents and teachers of 3-7 year olds, the book helps prepare both you and your child for interactive ways of learning. Simple tips on how to use everyday household materials will make you aware of different methods of learning and help you look at playtime with different eyes. Renee’s wide knowledge and abundant generosity shine through in sections also aimed at younger children, making this a great resource from early childhood up to the school starting years.

The book can be bought directly from Renee [email protected] www.reneelighton.co.za and will soon be available in book stores.

This book is awesome! Think it should be compulsory reading for ALL parents! Well done! Belinda Murphy, Springfield Primary School, Grade 1 teacher