What's Important Now!

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What all parents and teachers should know.

Free Training for Parents and teachers

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Gathering information and knowledge isn’t power, actioning that information and knowledge, is power.


Please visit Dr Gluckman’s website as you may find this FREE training program useful.

The Frank’s Heaven Kylemore Crèche and the Mirja Sachs Infant Care Centre

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The period of early childhood sees the greatest brain growth and development (up to 90%) and provides the foundation for the achievement of individual potential. With this in mind we are investing in training and supporting the Kylemore educators in the Frank’s Heaven Kylemore Crèche and the Mirja Sachs Infant Care Centre in their important task of providing age appropriate learning through play activities for the different age groups.


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WRITE = What’s Really Important To mE / Everyone 

Reading Aloud – The 3 R’s.

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“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go” - Dr Seuss.

The Benefits of Reading to Your Child

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“A book is a gift you can open again and again,” Says Garrison Keillor, a famous American author, and most children would agree, especially if they can enjoy it on the laps of their parents. Snuggling up, listening to your mom or dad read your favourite tale not only releases feel good hormones; it also helps you to relax, fall asleep easily, and it makes you feel special and loved, creating wonderful memories of a childhood filled with fantasy and adventure.

Have you reviewed your goals this year?

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As the New Year begins we naturally look forward to better times with our family, pledging to make changes to improve our life in some way. Our hopes and dreams for a better future motivates us to optimistically move forward, yet we soon find ourselves succumbing to old unwanted behaviours wondering why it is so difficult to make the changes we desire.