RCL Foods holds a positive parenting course

Danienne Fritz

MALALANE - RCL Foods and the Do More Foundation facilitated a positive parenting workshop for RCL Foods Sugar employees last week.

Two years ago RCL Foods launched their own non-profit organisation, the Do More Foundation, to enable a broader group of stakeholders to get involved in their key CSI initiatives.

The foundation is built on three pillars: Do More for Young Children, Do More to Ease Hunger and Do More to Support Youth. They also support projects for the care of animals.

This positive parenting workshop was facilitatedby Renee Lighton, an educational consultantand life coach.

The workshop was delivered in an exciting, practical and interactive way. Offering information and practical skills for parents of young children at the RCL Foods Sugar Malelane plant, it targeted men and women (parents, caregivers, aunts, uncles and grandparents) with children between the ages of 2 and 10 years.

The focus of the workshop was on learning through play and in the early years with ideas and practical tips and tools to support the participant's role as parents. Around 50 Malelane Sugar Plant employees attended.

This was such an eye-opener. I am a mother of three and I sometimes do not know how to help my children, asI am also tired and stressed. This workshop taught me fun things I can do with my children at no cost.

said Claudia Gama, an RCL Foods employee.

Why is RCL FOODS investing in their employees?

  • To improve staff morale by showing them that RCL Foods cares about them and their role as a parent
  • Instill in their people that positive parenting is vital in terms of a child's schooling
  • Improve the self-esteem of parents and empower them
  • Acquire practical skills and tools to support the parents to develop, interact and have fun through play and learning, using items they have at home
  • To provide support to parents to be happier individuals, knowing that their attitude, behaviour and choices are important and make a difference.

RCL Foods

Employees attend the workshop.

SHAWCO Education

Perivoli School Trust



Thank you so much for the workshop last week; it was really inspirational, encouraging, and motivating! It's also so wonderful to know someone who has already done so much in the type of education that I'm interested in and to have a role model! 

I'll be starting at Little STAR today at Mannenberg and I'll be sure to email you or WhatsApp you with any questions or queries. Thank you so much for your kindness and for sharing your passion for education!

Yours truly, Brontte Hwang UCT Eductation SHAWCO Student 



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"Thank you for the awesome workshop! We had a recycling month of May to gather all our materials and have implemented what we learned into our centre. At our next parent workshop I will be showing our parents the dvd I bought, Thank you." - Zeidie-Lee Muller

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