Joyful June!

At a time that is very challenging for many, I like that together we can offer a little JOY!

For me , it is a month for connecting, collaborating, contributing and creating content for, and with, many.

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Naptosa KZN workshops for Educators 2021

Educator Wellness , Positive Discipline and Literacy Ideas online workshops: January/ February 2021

Never before in my life time, have our educators and parents needed additional support in a variety of easy Practical, Positive and Engaging ways.

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The Do More Foundation

I love that I get to play and add value with amazing people, who choose to make a huge difference, especially in the ECD sector.

The Do More Foundation encourages collaborations and in doing so, they really DO MORE.

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Entrepreneur X-Factor Book launch

Thank you to everyone who tuned into the book launch on Friday. Your comments and support are appreciated and I am inspired by all the featured writers stories.

What a great project and service to all. These stories inspire me to be and do, even better.

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A gift from Rallim Preparatory, your very own virtual library

Thank you Rallim Preparatory edumentors for sharing your stories with us.

Please click on this link to access some great content:


Get your free copy of Let’s Get Ready for Card Games book sponsored by Tea4Kidz

“Play expands intelligence, stimulates the imagination, encourages creative problem solving, and helps develop confidence, self-esteem, and a positive attitude toward learning.” Fraser Mustard.

Parents and teachers, if you have children between the ages of 2 and 9 years old, you will love this Card Games book.

Click here to get your copy

Our b & d, our Big Dream, is at least 2020 downloads of this book in 3 weeks.

Please help us reach that number.

Much ❤️ from us to you.


Puzzles are a great way to have fun and they teach many skills through play.

So parents, it’s time to DECIDE, DESIGN AND DO!  

Having a puzzle tray in your home, perhaps with a picture your child has chosen from a magazine and backed onto cardboard, is a great way to start.  Your child will be interested in the puzzle. Why? Because they choose the picture! And…  if  the puzzle isn’t completed, we can complete it tomorrow.

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Freedom Day Freebie!

Thank you for building, sharing and adding value to our community of Light On Educators - yes, ✔ that's you parents, teachers, grannies and carers. 🖐

Now you have the FREEDOM to choose to receive a FREE sample of my Let's Get Ready eBook.

To download, click on this link or you may have to copy and paste?👀

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Unlocking Containers


Thank you for visiting my Facebook page. Below you will find a few ideas of how to invite learning through play as promised on my Facebook post.

Collect, up cycle and have fun.

A variety of containers will provide the child with hours of fun. Through play the child’s physical, emotional, social and cognitive skills are developed. He gets to reason and use logic as he decides, for example, which container to use for pouring from one container to the other.

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Vocabulary: Use, Extend and Encourage!

Parents, it is wise that we know, use, encourage and increase the understanding and number of words our children use. 


Because thinking is the most important element in the learning process. Thinking requires language and vocabulary skills.

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Ideas using Egg Boxes

Most families eat eggs and don’t give the container a second glance.

Who will tell the child that we call 6 eggs, a half dozen and 12 a dozen?

When we use the boxes together with a variety of objects such as buttons, smarties, popcorn, straws cut into different lengths, etc. we can play many different games. 

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RCL Foods holds a positive parenting course

Danienne Fritz

MALALANE - RCL Foods and the Do More Foundation facilitated a positive parenting workshop for RCL Foods Sugar employees last week.

Two years ago RCL Foods launched their own non-profit organisation, the Do More Foundation, to enable a broader group of stakeholders to get involved in their key CSI initiatives.

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My 2020 wish and note to self

I wish you a magnificent 2020. May it be your best year ever. May it be filled with good health and may we all give and receive an abundance of kindness, love and joy.

The story below is my reminder that the gift of life, is to share our gifts in a way that brings joy to many.

Much love and best wishes.

*Die empty*

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Tea4Kidz ECD workshop empowers teachers, volunteers and social workers in Stellenbosch

Research indicates that the early years of childhood form the basis of intelligence, personality, social behaviour, and the capacity to learn and nurture oneself as an adult. Understanding the importance of these foundation years for South African children, Tea4Kidz has been sponsoring Early Childhood Development (ECD) workshops, the most recent one taking place at the Jessie Keet ECD centre in Stellenbosch on Saturday, 26 October.

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Joekels November Newsletter

Joekels, Tea4Kidz and Renee, collaborated to bring value, fun and learning to more than 220 parents and teachers in 2018.

The emphasis was on learning through play. Every attendee received a Tea4Kidz workbook with a pack of cards and useful information. Attendees learnt how to play card games to support and encourage learning, as well as many other practical tips and tools for the classroom and home.

The feedback received was very positive and our next workshop takes place on 30 January 2019 in Bergvliet.

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Free Training for Parents and teachers

Hello Wonderful Parents,

In my last email I told you about …my new website and online program.

There’s a background story to the new website. After many years of seeing clients and running workshops, I began to feel a calling to reach thousands more parents and teach them how to help their extraordinary children step into their greatness.

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What's Important Now!

Brain Development of Children from 0-6 years – Facts every parent should know

This comprehensive guide to the brain development of children from 0 to 6 years is packed with insightful tips and important facts every parent should know.

While the field of neuroscience is still growing rapidly, we already have a lot of good information that can help us understand our children’s early brain development. This article provides an overview of information that parents may find useful in understanding and raising their young children.

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Born in Africa organization

What a delight to connect with the Born in Africa organization team in Plettenberg Bay in May. 

They were enthusiastic and delighted with the ideas and set about sharing and putting the ideas into practice!

Knowledge + action = power to make a difference! 

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The Frank’s Heaven Kylemore Crèche and the Mirja Sachs Infant Care Centre

What a joy it is to be sharing and igniting a love of learning at this centre!

The period of early childhood sees the greatest brain growth and development (up to 90%) and provides the foundation for the achievement of individual potential. With this in mind we are investing in training and supporting the Kylemore educators in the Frank’s Heaven Kylemore Crèche and the Mirja Sachs Infant Care Centre in their important task of providing age appropriate learning through play activities for the different age groups.

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Education Expert Shares Unique Way of Teaching

By Louise Carter 

RENOWNED educational consultant Renee Lighton shared some of her creative, playful and innovative teaching techniques using simple and everyday recyclable household materials and a sequence of play activities, at a workshop for teachers and parents at the PAHS clubhouse last week.

Lighton is the author of several books, a speaker, qualified life coach, and trained Demartini.

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SHAWCO Education

Perivoli School Trust



Thank you so much for the workshop last week; it was really inspirational, encouraging, and motivating! It's also so wonderful to know someone who has already done so much in the type of education that I'm interested in and to have a role model! 

I'll be starting at Little STAR today at Mannenberg and I'll be sure to email you or WhatsApp you with any questions or queries. Thank you so much for your kindness and for sharing your passion for education!

Yours truly, Brontte Hwang UCT Eductation SHAWCO Student 



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"Thank you for the awesome workshop! We had a recycling month of May to gather all our materials and have implemented what we learned into our centre. At our next parent workshop I will be showing our parents the dvd I bought, Thank you." - Zeidie-Lee Muller

Michelle McLean & Renee in Namibia 2013

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