Free positive parenting resources during the lockdown


Home-schooling has become the new normal for most children in the country. This, in turn, has put pressure on teachers and parents to come up with innovative ways of teaching that don’t require a lot of resources or preparation time.

Being committed to Early Childhood Development (ECD), Laager Tea4Kidz, and Renee Lighton of LightOn Education have compiled a series of Laager Tea4Kidz Positive Parenting Sessions offering practical tips and advice on how to home-school during this time.

“Laager Tea4Kidz has been involved in a number of free ECD workshops in collaboration with renowned author and educationalist Renee Lighton as a way to empower parents, teachers and caregivers with valuable tools for improved education,” says Candice Sessions, marketing manager of Laager Tea4Kidz.

“Laager Tea4Kidz has always been driven by the mission to empower and encourage parents through healthy products, and informative ideas and tips.

With the need for physical distancing, as well as the considerable pressure parents and teachers are under during this pandemic, we have found an innovative way to continue inspiring those looking after young children with easily accessible, fun-to-use ideas during this time.”

The positive parenting sessions are available for free on the Laager Tea4Kidz YouTube channel, providing quick but valuable learning guidance.

As an educational consultant, author, speaker, life coach and mother, Lighton is passionate about providing effective tools to support learning through play in the home, and wants to share motivational messages with parents and children.

She says she has always loved and valued the approach of learning through play.

“This way of learning, combined with the mindset that I’m in business for ‘me’ and ‘we’, allows me to add value in ways that combine my foundation in education with a commitment to personal growth and transformation.”

Parents can expect short, practical ideas, tips and tools using the ‘KISSES’ approach. This stands for:

Keep It Short, Simple, Engaging and Smart.

In addition to the parenting sessions, Laager Tea4Kidz is offering free copies of Lighton’s e-book, Let’s Get Ready for Card Games, via the More4Momz website at

The book, which usually costs R200, is packed with creative card games and ideas which develop skills of children across all ages. This special offer is valid until Sunday June 7. For more educational ideas as well as nutritional Tea4Kidz recipes, visit

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