Listen to Renee and Gary’s podcast conversation on Creativity

Thank you Gary Hirson (Link here: for our podcast conversation around creativity, play and leadership. I loved sharing with you and your listeners.

“It's not, "are you smart?" But rather, "how are you smart?" This is how Renee Lighton responded to, "what is your interpretation of creativity?" during our chat on the latest episode (#7) of the Createfulness podcast.

Not only does Renee have a very cool surname, but she's also a visionary when it comes to the world of "Play," as it makes up a big part of her Coaching philosophy and program facilitation. 

Have a listen to the latest episode where we discuss her interpretation of everything related to play, leadership and creativity i.e. Createfulness.



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Welcome to the Createfulness podcast series. 

A podcast where we talk everything creativity, leadership and how they’re connected. 

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I hope you enjoy it.

Gary Hirson

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