Naptosa KZN workshops for Educators 2021

Educator Wellness , Positive Discipline and Literacy Ideas online workshops: January/ February 2021

Never before in my life time, have our educators and parents needed additional support in a variety of easy Practical, Positive and Engaging ways.

This virus reminds us to be flexible, adaptable and agile in our thinking, speaking, being, and especially in our doing, so we can serve ourselves and others.

 I loved facilitating my 2 hour, SACE endorsed online workshops for Naptosa KZN, and I am delighted that attendees received value.

Why? Because every time I playfully reminded attendees that C comes between b and d, the beginning and end  of the day, I reminded myself that my  C, my choices create my best day or bad day.

What attendees said:

  • Yes. I have a new perspective on discipline in class.
  • Yes. A very interactive session, with plenty of opportunity to share and reflect. A very enjoyable and very informative session. Looking forward to the next one
  • I learnt a great deal. Yes expectations have been met. Thank you
  • Definitely. Rene is great at what she does! Would love to meet her. When you are in PE, please come do a presentation at Linkside High!
  • Yes. It was very inspiring and a lovely affirmation for our hearts.

My thanks to Anne Pillay for all the admin, and for sharing the feedback above, and to Rishal for handling all the technology.


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