Born in Africa organization

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What a delight to connect with the Born in Africa organization team in Plettenberg Bay in May. 
They were enthusiastic and delighted with the ideas and set about sharing and putting the ideas into practice!
Knowledge + action = power to make a difference!

The Frank’s Heaven Kylemore Crèche and the Mirja Sachs Infant Care Centre

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The period of early childhood sees the greatest brain growth and development (up to 90%) and provides the foundation for the achievement of individual potential. With this in mind we are investing in training and supporting the Kylemore educators in the Frank’s Heaven Kylemore Crèche and the Mirja Sachs Infant Care Centre in their important task of providing age appropriate learning through play activities for the different age groups.

Education Expert Shares Unique Way of Teaching

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“Every child will learn in terms of what they value. There is no  child that you can’t  teach,” 

News from India

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News from India

Three years ago I made a decision that really changed my life and way of thinking! 

The Power of the Sharing Circle

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The Power of the Sharing Circle

As we moved from child to child I saw the release of emotion and an acceptance of what had happened.

Learners for learners

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I would like to congratulate and share how Pinehurst Primary School learners in Pinelands are making a difference to learners who aren’t as fortunate.

Q&A with Renee Lighton

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Earlier this year Renee was interviewed by Who's Who Southern Africa

Read the interview here.


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LOLS Flowers


Making eco-friendly centerpieces contributes to protecting the environment and saves money too. So-called green centerpieces don't use artificial, toxic or imported items, such as nylon ribbon, foam blocks or exotic flowers.